Gerontoludic Society

Category: Graphic Design, Web Development

The Gerontoludic Society is an international and multidisciplinary association of academics and professionals who study or design playful experiences for older adults. The goal of the society is to promote innovative and high-quality research through open discussion, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and the dissemination of the work of its members. It was founded at the Meaningful Play 2014 conference after Kathrin Gerling, Sara Mosberg Iversen, Henk-Herman Nap, Carrie Heeter and I ended our panel. Of course, a society needs a nice logo and website, so I decided that I would take care of that.


The logo depicts a tree made of polygons. In the trunk of the tree, a silhouette of a person who is raising her arms can be seen. To me, it symbolizes “growth in the fall of life through gaming”. The gallery below shows some alternate versions of the logo and how the logo was developed into the one we are using right now.