Crème de la Crème

Category: Game Design, Graphic Design
Contribution: Grant Writer, Project Manager, Game Designer, Visual Artist, Social Scientist, Development Tool Scripter, Disseminator

Crème de la Crème is part of GameHUB, a cooperative project between Flemish educational institutes. I got to design and manage one of the three cases for this project. The assignment here was to teach teenagers and young adults about what it means to be an entrepreneur and to manage a business. At the beginning of the project, the team decided that it would develop a game that would work as a template for many different businesses. As the project obviously needed a specific case as well, the decision was made to do a game about a funeral planner. A prototype (called The Undertaker) was build.

After the prototype received some exposure at the kick-off, we were contacted by a national television production studio who wanted to use the template to develop a game that would be launched alongside a new television show they are currently producing. The management of GameHUB decided that this would be a good direction and the project was turned upside down in order to make a game about an ice cream salon using the template. After a visit to an ice cream factory however, we decided to drop the template since the flexibility of the real-life machines was so cool that we decided to turn it into the core mechanic for the game.

Eventually, we ended up with a proof-of-concept that implemented a lot of the gameplay features we wanted to get in the game. The final build features many cool things (e.g. machine puzzling, staff recruitment, market manipulation, educational trial & error module, 12 tutorial missions, XML modification of many of the game’s variables, etc.). Hopefully, we can one day invest more time into the game and turn it into either a fun casual game or an engaging educational game.