Blast from the Past

Category: Game Design, Graphic Design, Research
Contribution: Game Designer, Visual Artist, Social Scientist, Dissemination

Blast from the Past (Dutch: De Grote Teletijdshow!) was the first game I got to design at the Group T e-Media Lab. The assignment was to design a game – or rather a proof-of-concept of a game – that both grandchildren and grandparents would be able to enjoy, while simultaneously teaching them about each other’s culture. In the end, testing showed that the game did this very well. In fact, we were so confident in the game’s ability, that we had it demonstrated live on stage by grandparents and grandchildren who had never played the game before at the final presentation.

For more information about the game, please open the single page summary PDF that describes everything very briefly by clicking the thumbnail below this paragraph.

BFTP Preview

Furthermore, we managed to get the game on national television twice. First, the game was featured as a work-in-progress during a documentary (Volt) on serious games, second the game’s release was an item during a national news broadcast. You can see both videos below.

For more information, you can always see the entire final presentation on YouTube, but unfortunately only if you’re fluent in Dutch.

Finally, this project also led to some academic contributions, such as:

  • De Schutter, B. & Vanden Abeele, V. (2014). Blast From The Past: Applying the P-III Framework to Facilitate Intergenerational Play between Grandparents and Grandchildren. Gerontechnology 13 (2)
  • De Schutter, B. (2008). Suitable for All Ages: Game Design for the 60+ Demographic. Presented at the Meaningful Play ’08, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA.
  • Vanden Abeele, V., De Schutter, B., Husson, J., Vos, G., & Annema, J. (2008). e-Treasure: Fostering intergenerational play by means of a digital game. Presented at the Meaningful Play 2008, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA.
  • Vanden Abeele, V., & De Schutter, B. (2008). Designing Intergenerational Play through Physical Action. In Workshop “Design for social interaction through physical play”. Presented at the International Conference on Fun and Games, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

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