Sidewalk Jungle

Category: Game Design, Graphic Design
Contribution: Grant Writer, Project Manager, Game Designer, Visual Artist, Social Scientist

Sidewalk Jungle was a project in which a game was to be developed in order to generate awareness about the issues people with disabilities experience when having to move along a sidewalk that is filled with all kinds of objects. Flanders is a region with often extremely tight sidewalks, so a trash can or advertisement board can make a street completely inaccessible for people with disabilities. One of the most common problems in this regard are bicycles, which are often left lying around by students. To reach them, the city of Leuven wanted to develop a digital game, as more traditional campaigns did not have much success.

Unfortunately, the project would need additional funding after finishing the design document and this issue proved to be too difficult to overcome in times of recession. Nevertheless, the game was prototyped and three concepts were defined, one of which was eventually turned into a design document.