The B-Side




All Sorts of Stuff

This website has been through a lot of iterations. Throughout the years, some projects were lost and others were deleted because they were not important for my career anymore or because they had lost relevance in the bigger picture of it all. This page is dedicated to those projects. I affectionately call it the B-side of this website. Similar to how some of my favorite tracks can be found on the B-sides of vinyl records, this page holds pictures of some of my most-cherished projects.

"Lifelong Games"

2019 - Graphic Design & Web Development


"Gerontoludic Society"

2014 - Graphic Design & Web Development


2013 - Interface and Graphic Design


"Phie and Marriage in Las Vegas"

2013 - Graphic Design

"Dr. Bob's Crazy Golf Adventures"

2011 - Web Development

"Grant Moff Tarkin - Stormy Weather Blues"

2011 - Graphic Design


2011 - Graphic Design

"Art of Warstorm"

2010 - Web Development & Community Management

"Grant Moff Tarkin - Long Lost Son"

2009 - Graphic Design

"Cozumel is Missing"

2009 - Graphic Design

"DiGRA Flanders"

2008 - Graphic Design & Web Development


"Meaningful Play Symposium"

2008 - Graphic Design & Event Management


2006 - Level Design (Review 1, Review 2, Gamereplays' MotW 01-09-2007)

"Cultuurprijs 2005"

2005 - Graphic Design


"Jayniaxs, Randomtype, Jellyblocks, Jellybounce & Jellybars"

2002 - Typography


"Designed by Numbers"

2001 - Graphic Design & Programming


2000 - Graphic Design & Web Development

"Facebook Covers"

2012 - Bitmap Editing