Bob De Schutter [də sçʏ.’tɛr] is a tall Belgian man who likes to wear dark slim-fit shirts and jeans. He is a washed-up basketball prospect, a horrible guitar player, and he owns a far too large Heroscape collection. It is easy to befriend him if you have a bottle of Islay whisky to share.

Biographical Statement

Bob De Schutter (MFA, PhD) is the C. Michael Armstrong Professor of Applied Game Design at Miami University (Oxford, OH), where he is affiliated to the College of Education, Health & Society and the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies, and a Research Fellow of the Scripps Gerontology Center. He is also the owner of award-winning game company Lifelong Games (LLC).

His creative, research and teaching interests include game design, the older audience of digital games, and the use of games for non-entertainment purposes. His work focuses on the importance of play throughout the entire lifespan and speaks out against the stereotyping of older video game players in game design and marketing.

He has been invited to teach, speak and exhibit in Europe, North America and Asia, his research on gerontoludic design, gameful instruction and gaminiscing has been published in leading publications of several fields, and he has been credited with the design of a wide range of indie, educational and therapeutic games. His work has received several awards and recognition, including Miami University's Distinguished Junior Scholar Award.

Bob has served industry as an independent consultant, public speaker, developer and entrepreneur, is a lifetime member of the International Game Developers Association, has founded and chaired the Gerontoludic Society as well as the Flemish chapter of the Digital Games Research Association, and is the Director of Miami University's Engaging Technology Lab. Prior to joining Miami University, Bob was a researcher and the lead designer for the e-Media Lab of the KU Leuven campus Group T and the owner of web development company DSV.

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