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The multiplayer versus mode of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory is probably one of my all time favorite games. Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not support the online community well enough and the game died with a failed attempt to revive it in Splinter Cell: Double Agent. As a response, I got together with some other community members - scworld, goodkebab, Zedblade & Mr.Mic in particular - and we decided that we should start developing our own "stealth action multiplayer" game. The working title of the project was Project Stealth.

Aside from co-founding the game, I've done parts of the production management, web development, dissemination, 2D illustrations and user interface design for the game, but in the end the project was too much work on top of my day job and the PhD that I was trying to do in my spare time. As a result, I had to reduce my activities on the development team.