Human Trafficking




Board Game

Mensenhandel (Human Trafficking) is a board game that I designed it while working on my master's degree in arts with a fellow student (named Davy D'Hollander). The game aimed to generate awareness about the horrors of human trafficking.

In retrospective, I'm still a little bit proud of how the game turned out. The mechanics led to an interesting challenging and the game was balanced pretty well. The execution of the theme could have been done a little bit better, in particular in comparison to games such as Brenda Romero's Train, but it wasn't done badly either. Players started the game making easy money with minor criminal offences but they were forced turn into absolute monsters to actually "win" the game. As a result, many test players didn't finish the game, even some of the players who enjoyed the game as a form of black humor at first. I think that we could have gotten our point across just as well relying solely on the game's mechanics, as the message was just as much in the mechanics as it was in the images.