Get Real!





At South by Southwest 2013, Rick Van Eck, Steven Malliet, Amy Adcock and I presented a session on realism in serious games. It was a fun experience, we got a positive review out of it, and I'm thrilled that the good people of SxSW released the audio of the session online. After listening to it online, I decided that I would go through the slides one more time alongside the audio while recording everything with Camstudio. Enjoy the video, and if you're wondering what went on in the beginning, there was a technical difficulty which resulted in some loud audio playing on-stage.

Aside from the presentation itself, I had a lot of fun creating our promo materials too. In particular, I got to recreate the doctor Weiserplatz character from Blast From The Past in Mario Bros-style pixels, Lucasarts-style pixels, vector art and Minecraft-style for this.