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Brukel explores the childhood and teenage years of my grandmother. The game is designed around 5 hours of her reminiscing about her past at the Brukel farmhouse and living on the front of the World War II. This unique design approach led to a game in which every historical audio fragment is authentic and precedes any design decisions.

The game aims to counter the idealized perspective of the heroic soldier that is all too common in most games about war, and generate empathy for refugees of wars across the world. Furthermore, Brukel aims to inspire you to use today's widely available gaming technology to archive meaningful stories from your loved ones as interactive experiences.

The game was accepted to the Meaningful Play, NASAGA, Dutch Courage XL, OAGE, ReCon, IEEE Gem and the International Serious Play Conferences. It won runner up for best digital game at Meaningful Play and a Gold Medal at the International Serious Play Awards.

Contribution: Project Management, Game Design, Programming, 2D Art, Narrative Design, Interface Design, Instructional Design, Research, Voice Acting, Audio Engineering, Marketing

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