Category: Teaching, Web Development

For my gameful instruction research, I was in need of an application to keep track of the experience points that the students would gather during the semester. As no grading application on the market offered the features necessary to accommodate this, I had to develop, a jQuery Mobile web application that allows students to

  • track their progress and experience points,
  • pick special skills to use in assignments,
  • create a virtual avatar and identity,
  • see how their avatar progresses in relation to the other avatars,
  • compare their guilds to the other guilds in class.

Furthermore, the application allows me as a teacher to

  • efficiently grade the students and hand out experience points,
  • keep notes of the contribution of the students to class, and
  • monitor my students’ progress.

All these features are designed to be fully functional and usable on mobile devices. As a result, the application allows me to grade students on the fly in class on my cellphone, iPad or laptop.

Building the application required a great amount of my time. Thankfully, I managed to finalize most of the application prior to my appointment at Miami University, so I only had to weed out software bugs during the semester and add some new features for the students (such as a “final grade predictor” which I ended up replacing with a full-fledged quests overview (not featured in the pictures below) in semester 3). The gallery below shows how the site looks on the iPad (for admin view) and on an iPhone (for student view).

Please contact me if you would like access to an online demo of the software.