DiGRA Flanders

Category: Presentations

One of the coolest things I did as a game academic was to found a Flemish DiGRA chapter. Before DiGRA Flanders, there was some game research in Belgium, but it was completely fragmented. Thanks to the initiative, we managed to get a movement going with regular meetings, that even managed to attract international speakers most of time. After three years of chairing DiGRA Flanders, I left the country to live in the United States and passed on the torch. For more about DiGRA Flanders, please check out the <a href=”http://digra.gameonderzoek.be” target=”_blank”>site</a>.

One of the things that I did poorly during my tenure as DiGRA Flanders’ chair was delegating tasks to others. I did everything, even down to doing its visual communication. So every DiGRA meeting, I’ve made an A3 poster and a program booklet. Here you can some of the posters I made.